"Teranga/Hospitality", San Jerónimo, Seville

Urban Intervention. Paula V. Álvarez / Vibok Works, 2015

Teranga celebrates and makes visible the unsuspected cultural and supportive tissue that nurtures San Jeronimo suburban quarter, one of the most disadvantaged areas of Seville. Within the atypical urban fabric of this neigborhood, a myriad of solidarity and cultural associations silently operate, with a focus in intercultural activities. In a day of convivence, the associations opened the doors of their stablishments to the city, while a number of activities -socio-cultural guided tours, gymkhanas, multicultural story-telling and games, among others- crossed the collective interiors with the streets. Framed with light, the doors of the headquarters amplified their presence in the urban landscape, suggesting a new reading of the place.

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